A Few Words About Me

I am an Pan-African!  I believe I have been called to return home to prepare a place in the motherland for my family to repatriate in the future.  I am the pioneer in my family and I walk with unwavering faith in my ability to execute the mission the Ancestors have laid out before me.   BORN READY!


Visiting the local market - West Bank Luxor, Egypt

Learn Your History

By coming to Egypt, you will learn your real history not the white washed version we have been sold for years.  You will meet and interact with people who respect who you are and welcome you here with open arms.

See Magnificent Sites

Seeing the temples, museums and hieroglyphics first hand will confirm for you that you come from royalty.  Our people were the architects of the modern world and it is written clearly for you to see.

Great Gateway Country To Live

Thinking about moving to Africa?  Egypt is a great gateway country to settle in before making the big move.  the cost of living is low and the quality of living is high.  The people are welcoming and you can truly experience freedom here while you decompress from the west.  

I want to show you this awesome place.  I put together custom tours for every budget.

Visit https://easyegypttours.com

Flexible payment terms are available.

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