Ghanaian Red Red Battle 2020


It’s no secret my favorite Ghanaian dish is Red Red. It is a combination of seasoned Black Eyed Peas, fried Sweet Plantains and Red Snapper.

During my stay in Ghana, I had the opportunity to have this dish on at least 5 different occasions. Each time was a real treat, and what I noticed is the dish is prepared differently in the different regions I visited.

In this post I will rank the Red Red dishes from good to great.

5: Red Red – Ike’s Cafe – Kumasi, Ghana

4: Red Red – The Country Kitchen – Accra , Ghana

3: Red Red – The Country Kitchen – Accra, Ghana

2: Red Red – Orange Beach Resort – Cape Coast, Ghana

1: Red Red – Dawadawa Bar & Restaurant- Winneba, Ghana

Every one of these dishes taste great and I would recommend each restaurant to anyone who visits the respective cities.

In the video below, I share my dining experience at my favorite restaurant in Accra. please watch and let me know what you think.

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– MatrellOnAMission