I’m Heading to the Motherland

I’m heading to the Motherland

Realizing a dream …..

I will be heading to Africa in a few weeks and I am both excited and nervous at the same time. Excited because the trip is another one of my dreams coming true. Nervous because I will be visiting the place our Ancestors were stolen from and I know I will feel their presence the moment my feet touch the ground. Just thinking about visiting the dungeons makes me tear up.

Nevertheless it is a trip of a lifetime and I am very happy to be touring with Bomani Tyehimba because his experience and expertise in this area is unmatched in my opinion. He can be found online https://africafortheafricans.org/

I am really looking forward to experiencing Africa with brothers and sisters from around the world. I hope to make new friends and connect with my Ancestors during this year of return.

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