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Getting Ready To Go

One of the perks on my 12 day tour is the nightlife options. I get to party with my tourmates in densely male populated African cities so I need to step out of my box and make a splash! LOL

If you know me, you know I wear 3 colors most of the time, black, light black and dark black. Occasionally, you will see me in dark blue or army green, pretty blah huh?

Well African fashions are full of vibrant colors and bold patterns, so I felt it necessary to create pieces with that in mind.

The goal is to make 10 pieces for the trip. My first is a pair of party pants with an off the shoulder flowy top. I used MCall pattern M7607 view A&D. As designed the pattern called for a zipper back for the top, but I did not have one, so I improvised and it worked beautifully.

โ€Pattern Review (View A&D)

Level of difficulty:

Top – Medium – Would not recommend for a new sewist. To simplify the top, I would use elastic instead of gather stitches and facings.

Pants – Easy – Great pattern for all skill levels

Easy to follow instructions: The instructions are easy if you understand sewing terminology. The order of operations is pretty straight forward. It will take over an hour to produce the two piece set.

Will I use again? Yes I would make this outfit again with a few modifications. I do not like the seam down the front so I would cut on the fold to form one solid piece. I would also use elastic for the top instead of gather stitches.


What do you think? Are you going to try to make this? If so, please share your results with me. @msmatrellonamission

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