Straight Black Pride Convention 2019


I had the opportunity to meet Dr. Mumbi and The Irritated Genie during the Straight Black Pride Convention 2019. The experience totally blew me away!!  

Matrellonamission w/ The Irritated Genie

There were people from across the country there, all just as excited as I was to connect with them, and they did not disappoint.  They actually did a role call to see where we all traveled from and man there were people from California, Texas, Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, New York, Philly and Georgia. I’m sure there were more states represented those are just the ones I can remember.

I totally enjoyed the content, the delivery, the engagement, the music, the food and more importantly, the people.  It’s not everyday where you get to fellowship with like minded people who truly work together to empower us.

Matrellonamission w/ Dr. Mumbi

There were other well known BLACtivist there to include, Mike from Community Cop and Dr. Jennings, music artists to include KaBa Soulsinger and African dancing from the Universal African Dance & Drum Ensemble of Philadelphia.

It was a day filled with love and UNITY. If I am in the country, I will be there again next year.  Spending the day with these guys and their supporters lets me know Pan-Africanism is NOT dead!

I met Dr. Mumbi and Irritated Genie you guys!!!  Check out my YouTube video to see the re-cap of my experience at the SBPM Conv 2019

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