Why Africa?


Walking in the Magic of Life.

I love Africa!!

Why Africa?

Because it is awesome. I have done extensive research on the top vacation spots on the continent and I am ready to explore them all. Every type of vacation imaginable is possible in the motherland.


They have beautiful beaches, magnificent natural parks and reserves with safaris, canopy walks, waterfalls, mountain ranges, pyramids, deserts, rain forests, you name it!


Why Now?

The time just feels right. A year ago I came across an organization called AfricafortheAfricans.org. After speaking with the founder and operator of the business, I was sold on taking the journey of a lifetime, so I sent in my down payment and started preparing for my trip.


I am starting my journey on the western coast, Ghana, The Gambia and Senegal with plans to visit Egypt, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania and Zanzibar.


After spending some time in each country, I will be able to decide where I would like to live. I hope to spend 30-90 days in each country so I can get a real feel for the environment beyond tourism.


I will be vlogging during my stay in each country. Please subscribe to my you-tube channel to follow my adventures in the motherland.

Why Move There?

When I think back to when I first heard my ancestors call, I really did not understand what was happening. I just knew the moment I stepped foot in another country, that Amerikkka was not my forever home. It was a place I needed to pass through to get me where I was truly meant to be. I am on a mission to explore the motherland because I feel compelled to do so. I expect to find an environment that feels like home, and when I do I will stay there.

The joy and freedom I feel when I am in Africa is hard to explain, but I will do my best.

I want to thank my family for their love and support. Knowing they are rooting for me means the world to me. I look forward to traveling in the motherland with them one day.

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